We are Happy to inform this week Monthly WINNER Mr.Saravanan. We are Happy to introduce WCF, WPF, LINQ and WP7 concepts will be included from next batch onwards. Hurry Up!! Registration Going on...

Welcome to JSQUARE


We are software training and development center special proficiency in the area of .Net training,and professionally managed institute, given that solutions and training in promising software technologies like Ms.Net, SharePoint Read more

JSquare Training

Welcome to JSQUARE, MS.NET training powered by JSQUARE. JSQUARE has achieved immense brand value in providing software Training in Coimbatore. It has been providing high quality training to software professionals.JSQUARE gives excellence real time software training. JSQUARE is to provide the highest level of training by professionals and to deliver that Training improved with Specialized Training on the Soft Skills at a highly competitive price, achieved by keeping administration, while maintaining a highly motivated staff, understand and fully support the objective. Read more

JSquare Events

An event is the agency specialist in live communication skill for student’s motivation. Experts in events which produces innovative ideas for students to upgrade their knowledge. keeping in the mind the purpose and objective of the events, be have broadly divided the events into different types for all students motivation.Read more

Yearly Winners

We determining its annual winner, we select Three Best .Net Developer which we consider to be a great Resource for Software Company. The selection based on overall performance of the current and completed students who are the best in individual part of programming, development and knowledge.Read more

JSquare Experts

The JSQUARE DotNet Expert (JDNE) is one of the highest award given by JSQUARE to those it considers "the best and brightest from in the field of .Net technology Learning and development" who "actively share their ... technical expertise with the community and with JSQUARE". An JDNE is awarded for contributions over the previous year. Read more

Helping Hand

Every year we give the little support to Orphan Children. How wonderful it is to realize that with a little help and a few sacrifices, we make can make a huge difference and positive impact in the life of someone who otherwise would never have a chance in life. We have a dedicated and giving them every year what they need.Read more